Canan Ozdovenci


Born in Izmir and raised in Bodrum, Turkey, Canan is a synonymous with the sea. She is as comforting, as relaxing and as mysterious as any expanse of ocean blue. If walking on the beach soothes the soul, then so does being in her presence.

Alain David

Teacher, artist

Born and raised in Aylmer (now Gatineau) Québec, Alain taught high school English most of his adult life. His other occupations range from adventurer to explorer, treasure hunter to dreamer and collector of oddities to wannabe gardener.


Our vision, our love

Our story started with a piece of twine. We both use twine quite a bit in the arts and crafts we create and we recognized this right away. It is what brought us together ❤️.

Canan has always been instinctively creative and is heavily influenced by all of the natural elements that surround her. My artistic gene was passed down generationally flowing first through my grandmother, then to my mother, and then to me. Together, we just found a way to keep the memory of our adventures alive. We are doing it Cano, we are living, every blessed day!

The photos above captured the moment when we were setting up our very first display. How exciting! Albeit, it our own tiny living room! Wanting things to be just right for live events takes planning, so we set up shop in our cozy little happy place by moving furniture around, setting up tables, and inadvertently confusing Prescott, our cat! We emptied antique crates, trying things this way, that way and then this way again. We took preliminary photos, sent them to friends, and got expert advice and feedback. In the end, we just kept on tweaking things until we were satisfied with the final outcome.


Our inspiration comes mainly from what we see around us on our coastal travels along the St Lawrence Seaway, the Maritimes and the Magdalen Islands. Other pieces are inspired by the unique architecture found on New England’s Atlantic Coast and even the houses from Canan’s childhood hometown of Bodrum, Turkey such as the white piece above with the “Bodrum blue” roof and the “Nazar” or evil eye. The piece on the right was influenced by the photo of the waterfront cottages found on the Magdalen Islands. Like the ocean winds, we let our imaginations soar. The end results are always warm and inviting.


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